Whale Watching

Every year from December through March the North Pacific Humpback Whales migrate to the warm tropical waters of Hawaii. The  coastal waters of Maui by far, enjoys the largest concentration of these amazing animals. Whale Watching in Maui is some of the best in the world and as good as it gets. Whale Watching aboard our flagship “Pride of Maui” is even better. No other vessel compares to the space, stability and 360 degree panoramic viewing from her sprawling upper deck. The superior stability  and additional space aboard our larger power cat makes all the difference in the world, when choosing the right whale watching vessel. The Pride is spacious and stable, with unsurpassed amenities and comforts, including more deck space per passenger and perimeter seating for ease of movement throughout. This provides ample opportunity to view and photograph a variety of exciting whale behaviors.

via Whale Watch & Snorkel Adventure – Pride of Maui.