Maui Diving & Snorkel Adventures


elcome to the underwater world of Maui, presented by Ed Robinson’s Diving Adventures and Maui Snorkel Tours.  Explore the breathtaking beauty and unique marine diversity of the ocean surrounding the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui.  From experienced divers with thousands of dives to the oldest and youngest beginning snorkeler, we offer ocean activities that will meet or exceed your personal wishes and needs.  Select "Adventure" boat trips are designed with flexibility for experienced divers and daily reef exploratory boat trips offer as much or as little supervision as you need to allow you to enjoy the beauty of the reef.

Our reputation speaks for itself, so check out the testimonials on Trip Advisor, Yelp and other Internet sources, or ask your local dive shop or friends who have dived Maui.  We won’t have a good day if you don’t – Let’s Go Diving!

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