Freediving instruction Maui, FII (Freediving Instructors International) Level 1 Certification classes

Single Breath regularly offers Freediving Instructors International (FII) Level 1 classes on the Island of Maui Hawaii. These classes are typically scheduled monthly. FII level 1 curriculum is an accredited technique focused program. Students are presented with the absolute latest in freedive knowledge, modern safety, and methodology. Single Breath courses are offered in strict adherence to the industry leading FII standards. Passing students will recieve an internationally recognized certification card.

Single Breath is a freediving school started on Maui by Jon Ammerman – a competitive freediver who took second place at the US pool national championship in 2011 and regularly trains with champion divers from around the world. He is currently the only certified freediving instructor operating on the Island. Jon Ammerman received his FII instructor certification directly from 13 time world record holder Martin Stepanek.

The primary focus of Single Breath is on freediving purely as a sport and yogic / meditative practice. Even though the course material is standardized the approach to subject matter is from that perspective.

Single Breath aims to broaden freediving participation by bringing modern dive and safety practices for this amazing sport to Maui.

Single Breath proudly operates in partnership with Hawaiian Rafting Adventures / Dive Maui in Lahaina. Dive Maui offers a full selection of specialized freediving / spearfishing equipment. In addition to being the island’s most complete freedive retailer, it is Maui’s technical SCUBA center and has an excellent reputation within the SCUBA community. Dive Maui’s professional services are utilized as the boat operator and classroom center for Single Breath.

Other FII classes including level 2 freediver and Waterman Survival classes are hosted by Single Breath and taught by guest instructors. These classes are scheduled as special events. Private level 1 classes are available upon request.

via Freediving instruction Maui, FII (Freediving Instructors International) Level 1 Certification classes.